Get to know the Blogger

I've realised that you probably don't know a lot about me. I think I should change that right now seeing as you read my ramblings!

Here are some little facts about moi...

-- Everyone (apart from my mother and weirdly, boyfriends) call me Fi! I like this shorter version of my name, don't know why, just do.

-- I am a natural blonde and love it (blondes have more fun).

-- Born and raised in Leeds (go Yorkshire) but lived in Nottingham for a couple of years whilst I attempted uni.

-- I attempted uni - but have since deferred studies to pursue a career in make up. I went to Nottingham Trent to study Fashion communication and promotion then after a week switched to Law (I know, big leap) then after a year failing that I switched to Psychology and Criminology and that's what I have on hold.

-- I'm guessing you've twigged that I am REALLY indecisive; I would say that's my biggest character flaw.

-- Watching Legally Blonde made me want to be a lawyer. (Fickle I know but Elle Woods is amazing).

-- My Doggy Buster is the cutest thing ever.. he's a little bit chubby but hey he likes his food... who doesn't!?

-- I think puppies are cuter than babies.

-- I love Coke (Coca Cola) can't be Pepsi... especially Pepsi Max... It DOES taste different (and crap).

-- I HATE cheese. Have done since I was little. I only like mozzarella when melted on pizza or nachos, oh and I don't mind halloumi, because it's cheese that doesn't taste cheesey.

-- If I was on death row and had to have a last meal, it would be my fave curry from the take away down the road. (I've given this a lot of thought - not that I'd ever be on death row.. purely hypothetical) I'd have all the trimmings - poppadums, mango chutney, onion bhajis, garlic naan, rice, everything!! Oh now I'm craving this... great.

-- I love Taylor Swift and her new album RED. I think if we ever met, we could be BFFs.

-- If I could be anyone for a day it'd be Beyonce! To see what it's like to be an amazing singer and performer and all around babe - not to be married to Jay Z and have a screaming baby.

-- I like dipable foods. I.e.Doritos and dip, chips and dip, bread sticks and dip...

-- My favourite ever TV show is 'Charmed' (definitely wanted to be a Witch when I was younger).

That's a nice round 15 facts! Hope you feel you know me a bit better :)


  1. I'm so with you on the pepsi and coke thing, they are TOTALLY different! Would also love to be Beyonce, currently have a serious Beyonce marathon after watching her incredible Superbowl performance!

    Great post :) Love these random facts posts!

    Tasha xx

  2. I agree about how different pepsi and coke taste but I prefer the taste of pepsi all the way! Also agree with puppies being cuter than babies haha, so cute!

    great blog - I have followed :) would love it if you could check mine out sometime



    1. ahh we will have to agree to disagree on the coke pepsi debate ha!! yeah sure ill def check it out x

    By the way, i am also a blogger .Would you please join my site on blogspot? I will follow you as well.
    Thank you.


  4. I love these kind of posts, and yours is very funny and interesting... I'm your new follower, and I hope you'll visit my blog! Kisses from Belgrade!
    Ena from Ohlalabeauty.blogspot

    1. Thank you! I like to think I'm funny lol! Ill check your blog out! X

  5. Hi dee ho Gorgeous!Keep up the makeup artist dream-it's worth it!
    TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! Do you remember that movie? I do. I just dated myself.
    TEEN WEEK was a wonderful success-if you came by the blog, and had a looksie, thanks for helping out.
    In the meantime, enjoy your Shabbat this evening and see you around the Grammy awards posts!
    Ciao ciao for now!
    Makeup University

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