Christmas Sparkle

The lights are up in town, Christmas songs are playing on the radio, the tree is up and the countdown to Christmas has begun! I LOVE this time of year! From wrapping up warm to wrapping up presents, I am feeling festive!
So when I saw this red sparkley nail polish in Topshop I had to give myself a festive manicure. I love the range of nail polishes Topshop have! They have every colour and shade you could want and have a lovely formula which lasts a while! I think it's my fave brand of nail polish!



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Nails in a rush

So I'm obsessed with doing my nails lately and I'm started to feel a little festive so decided to christmassyfy my nails! I was in a rush so I apologise for the imperfections!


Spa @ home

This weekend I've been back home in Leeds. Had no money to go out this Halloween weekend so thought I'd have a pamper sesh instead..
Started with a nice hot bubble bath. Using some nice cheap and cheerful products, then went on to giving my self a Donna Karan inspired manicure!


New Look

I've been a blonde all my life and people let me know I'm lucky to have naturally blonde hair but to me its boring.. I envied people who experiment with colour so I thought seeing as I am starting a fresh in a brand new city why not take the plunge into the world of colour (and if I don't like it it will go in 24 washes). I used a Boots Semi - permanent Spiced Chestnut Brown shade on my hair and I love the out come. I wonder if my IQ will go up now I'm brunette... I'll let you know.


So on my very first day in London, whats a girl to do? Sight see? Find somewhere to live? Find a job?... No... go shopping of course! I found my way to Old Spitalfields Market, with help from my boyfriend and dragged him round trying to find the best bargains I could (as I'm on a very tight [unemployed] budget). I came home with this bag made from recycled leather and zips and this beautiful ring which was in a sample sale for a fiver (yesss!). It goes without saying that I will be back there as soon as I have the cash.
So, this is my very first blog - bear with..
Although I am an avid reader of other blogs I feel somewhat nervous to create my own, but who doesn't like a challenge ey?
I figured it will be a good time to start a blog seeing as I'm starting my own little London adventure. Today was my first day in London, as a Yorkshire girl I was pretty daunted by the whole experience. Put it this way, if I had been on my own I would have ended up somewhere in Essex despite aiming for Oxford Street, my sense of direction is THAT bad and navigating buses in Leeds used to scare me never mind a whole underground tube system!
I am moving here to try my hand at pursuing my 'dream' - as cheesy as that sounds. I want to become a Makeup Artist in the fashion industry. I'm currently trying to get my very amateur portfolio together so I can get on to some makeup courses. This blog will be a kind of timeline of my experiences, good and bad to try and succeed as a Makeup Artist.. so here goes...