So, this is my very first blog - bear with..
Although I am an avid reader of other blogs I feel somewhat nervous to create my own, but who doesn't like a challenge ey?
I figured it will be a good time to start a blog seeing as I'm starting my own little London adventure. Today was my first day in London, as a Yorkshire girl I was pretty daunted by the whole experience. Put it this way, if I had been on my own I would have ended up somewhere in Essex despite aiming for Oxford Street, my sense of direction is THAT bad and navigating buses in Leeds used to scare me never mind a whole underground tube system!
I am moving here to try my hand at pursuing my 'dream' - as cheesy as that sounds. I want to become a Makeup Artist in the fashion industry. I'm currently trying to get my very amateur portfolio together so I can get on to some makeup courses. This blog will be a kind of timeline of my experiences, good and bad to try and succeed as a Makeup Artist.. so here goes...

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