NKD ( ) Waxing, Nottingham

I was kindly invited to an opening event at the new nkd ( ) waxing store on Pelham Street in Nottingham City Centre this evening. 
I took my flat mate with me and we were welcomed with a drink on arrival and a free treatment. We both opted for brow threading. Now, when I say I'm low maintenance on eyebrow hair management I mean I let them do what they like; this is because they are so blonde I assume the strays can't be seen. As I've since realised that light illuminates all my blonde hairs I thought this would be a good opportunity to get them sorted and I'm glad I did. Considering it was my first professional eyebrow threading experience I didn't do too badly with the pain and the therapist was super quick and very friendly. 
As an introductory offer the store is offering free mini treatments throughout April so you better be quick.
As well as waxing they offer tinting and lash extensions too. 
The shop has a really nice feel to it and the staff made the event a really nice experience so I highly recommend. 

(I need a new memory card for my camera so the quick snaps on my iPhone  were all I could manage)