Ombré Lips

So today I bought four new lippies and a lip liner! All drug store brands; Collection 2000, Miss Sporty, No17 and Rimmel and I must say I'm impressed at the quality and pigmentation of them all!
I've wanted to try the ombré lip trend ever since I first saw it in the pages of my Elle mag so these are the results.
I started with a red lip liner to line my lips, then continued to blot bright pink inside, then a paler pink in the middle! I love how bright it looks!
In contrast I tried a black and white theme, I lined the lips with a black lipstick and then blotted a pale pink/almost white shade in the center of the lips. In future I'd definitely line the lips first with a black pencil as I've soon realised a lip liner adds a bold intensity to the shape of the lips!


  1. This really adds drama to the lips. I like!



  2. Beautiful colors! I think that my favorite one is the 2nd one... looks a little more exotic!

  3. Yeah it's retry dramatic! Thanks for reading xx